Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Did you hear the one about this guy goes to a car show and doesn't see any cars?

Because he's mesmerized by all the jewelry- nameplates in calligraphic sweep with bold connotations- plated in chrome or gold. Medallions of honor decorate the sail panel- and stand up ornaments perch atop the hood and fenders. Strips of polishes stainless race down the scupltured sides. An odd protocol seems to dictate the placement- model names do on the front fender edges or on the fins- the marque is displayed on the right rear. All seem to conform except for Plymouth, who proudly signs the left rear corner. Perhaps they are communist sympathizers. Mc Carthy will surely get tho the bottom of this.

Jewelry. Certainly as famous as anything by Tiffany or Cartier. What happened to jewelry?

Images from the 2011 Palm Springs Modernism Week Car Show. Enjoy.