Saturday, November 21, 2009

mercedes boy

Just returning from a rocket day to Los Angeles where I got gasoline on my hands and played with cars. I helped my friend Jeff drop off his very nicely kept 1976 Mercedes 450SEL for servicing. The 450 series is the car that, in my opinion, established Mercedes as THE car to own in Hollywood. Interesting car. Big, safe, impressive but really quite bereft of power accessories- manual a/c and manual seats even- but still a superb driving car. He followed me in the SEL's baby brother, his low mileage Avocado metallic 1976 450SL. Daphne the Spaniel rode shotgun in her car seat in the cubby behind the seats of the SL. It was fun chasing through the west valley in our little blue plate caravan of 70's power rides. A reminder of the days when Mercedes ruled the world. Sad that the current car is so pale in comparison.

After that, I brought his 87 560SL back to the desert. So it was pretty much a 107/!!3 day for me. I'm amazed that at my totally average height I'm actually tall for the 107, and hit my head several times on the roof. But once inside, quite a lovely and nostalgic ride home. Desert night and the sporty little SL are well suited. Still as handsome today as ever. What fun these little roadsters were.

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