Thursday, January 7, 2010

thurston and the dinos

Well, kids, we're back after a holiday whirlwind. Not too much going on with cars this last week or so, but I did take a trip you might find amusing. A friend was in town and wanted to see the Dinosaurs at Cabazon, so we made a brief trip that, unfortunately, was combined with one of our rare rainy PS mornings, so it was fun but not a photo op.

I'd been polishing the heck out of Thurston, the noble dunkelblau 450SEL and was looking for a fun setting for a picture or two when the dinos popped into my head. Off we went for a tour. Thurston, whose full name is Thurston Mc Thirsty, seemed to enjoy this. Look how lost in thought he seems, as if he's calculating the number of gallons of unleaded in each dinsosaur.

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