Friday, May 21, 2010

great cars in bad movies 1: the big bounce

The stunningly beautiful Leigh Taylor-Young as a bored mistress devolving into a murderess. Ryan O'Neal as the ex-con drifter studmuffin. The lovely coastline of Monterey, California as a backdrop. A couple of majestic shots of Ryan's adorable little butt. An ensemble supporting cast of Chrysler products ranging from an appropriately beat-up Dodge D-100 pickup to a Valiant two-door sedan. And the star of the film, a heavenly brand-freaking new 1968 Imperial Crown convertible, one of only 474 produced in what was its final year. Monochromatic in Meadow Green Poly with forest green top, leather, and even matching factory pinstriping. Resplendent on original triple whitewall bias ply tires and bronzed dash trim.

We're watching The Big Bounce, the only film Ryan and Leigh made together during their brief marriage. Heavy handed Mike Curb music, a lot of really mediocre acting, Leigh behind the wheel doing her best Daisy Buchanan, and indictment of the robber barons that prostitute themselves and their mistresses for the almighty dollar. And Leigh. Oh, My GOODNESS that devastaing Leigh Taylor-Young. I had totally forgotten how totally captivating she was at twenty four. Almost a brunette Audrey Hepburn, except for the homocidal urges. But beautiful enough to take a chance on, just make sure the gun isn't loaded. And that gorgeous Imperial convertible. Put the two of them together and its a wonderful night with a bad film. But do yourself a favor, don't cut her off in traffic, especially if you're driving a dune buggy. She doesn't take it well. Really.

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