Tuesday, January 18, 2011

selling mopar style

Although they are being accused of circling the drain and there may be vultures on the fence waiting for them to fail, Chrysler aired this dramatic advertising during the Golden Globes recalling the time when their products exuded style and grace. Especially impressive in the late fifties, the evocative images both thrill and sadden- I honestly can't think of a Chrysler product since the 1981 Imperial that I find compelling. But oh, those Exner beauties...


  1. The 2011 cars at the end of the commercial look so sadly styleless!

  2. that's a gorgeous '62 Imperial LeBaron southampton! God, they just EXUDE luxury and style, don't they? I've played around with some of those Mopars from the Exner/Engel period. You might like my Imperials at the bottom:

  3. you're right! that commercial was terrific and all i could think of is, okay, make some cars like that and folks will buy them.

    that is mr.drysdale in front of the bank, isn't it?

  4. I love the grandiose styling of the Crown Imperial. I used to have an expensively made booklet on thick vellum advertising this onem Sadly, it got turf many years ago! I'd love to have it back. The car was an incredible design achievement.