Tuesday, July 12, 2011

west coast meet-t plus 20

It's the largest Gay and Lesbian Car Show in the world, and this year was it's twenty-seventh anniversary. It's the annual meeting of the Freewheelers from San Francisco and the Great Autos Of Yesteryear, based in Southern California. For me personally, it was the 20th Anniversary. I first hopped a plane from Chicago to LA and hitchhiked North in a glamorous Lincoln back in 1991.

I haven't made it every year since then, but I've tried to, and this year was my sixteenth. The formula is simple- find a location halfway between LA and San Francisco, add in about four hundred people and a couple hundred amazing and rare classic cars, spend a day driving around the countryside and a day putting on a spectacular car show, and fill the rest of the time with cocktails and socializing with friends both new and longstanding. It's the annual meeting of the tribe, and my favorite weekend of the year.

This year did not disappoint. A cream yellow 1935 Packard that looked like it drove out of Chinatown. A Chrysler Town and Country that was built for a Western Movie Star, complete with a steer's head on the hood. 1961 Cadillac Triplets arranged like a showroom display. Near twin 1965 Wildcats in coupe and convertible. A stunning 1972 boattail Riviera that was my personal transport for the event. Every shade of pink imaginable, from Dusty Rose to Pepto Bismol. Lisa Douglas and Arnold, resting on the rear deck of a Lincoln Continental. A wonderful array of tailfins, colors, fabrics and style, all creating one unforgettable and irreplaceable show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you West Coast Meet 2011:


  1. I LOVE this show. Thanks for showing us around, we had a fabulous time and I would love to come back next year. It's the best of car shows: immaculate restorations and interesting specimens of all vintage with the surprise accessories and kitsch, humor and passion for motoring!
    XOXO, Rockit

  2. Douglas (Vancouver, BC)July 12, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    I hope you included lunch at the Madonna Inn. WCM just wouldn't be complete without a dose of hot pink.
    Sorry I missed it this year.

  3. Great pics Jeff. BTW, pointy is very nice.

  4. What a collection of fine looking cars. My favourite era was the 50s. Nobody did fins like Chrysler, but everybody excelled in design then.
    I love the Edsel, the '47 Chrysler Town & Country, and the Chrysler 300. I'll have to plan to get out there for the west coast meet. Thanks for the great post.

  5. Hello!
    Just discovered the pic of the Stutz IV-Porte...
    Do you have any additional photos, information?
    I'm building up an online registry for Stutz-cars: http://www.madle.org/eregist.htm
    Looking forward to hearing from you! (boss(at)madle.org
    Stutziest regards
    Peter Madle

  6. I do have some additional photos. The owner was an unpleasant man so I didn't speak to him about it.

  7. Wow, just found your blog, and this post. Fantastic! I am a total car nut - how could I not know about this group and all their fantastic cars? It's nice to see a car show not full of muscle cars for a change. Thanks for sharing.