Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun at Concours D'Lemons

As much as I love Pebble Beach weekend, I'm the first to admit that it's so far over the top that it's halfway down the other side. There's just too much fabulousness. Oh, look, another hundred point one-off Duesenberg, Yawn. A prototype Ferrari? Meh. What color? It does present the very real danger of one becoming so blase that they are in danger of banging their pipe on the fender of some random Rolls-Royce.

But thankfully there is some much needed comic relief in the form of the Concours D'Lemons, the celebration of the regrettable and unloved automobile. It's a place where Pacers and Gremlins play, where Vegas and Renaults line up proudly and where Deloreans reach their doors for the sky. Glorified Golf Cars pose next to dubious racing cars. Judges take bribes openly and even Cadillac Cimarrons win awards.

This is the event's third year. Rather than ruining it with too much description, I invite you to feast your eyes on the cars. Dark glasses may be helpful. Enjoy:

And for the real masochists out there, check out many more pictures here.

And did you guess that I really dig the Chartreuse Gremlin?


  1. I love this !!!!
    check out my website too...since my friend set up a facebook for me and website I am fasinated with all the gearheads and enthuasists ...we need to network and keep it going !!!!
    I drive stick in stilettos | My Candy Girl

  2. Love the Corvair, learned to drive stick on a Corvair convertible. You sure get the hang of it on a 95 degree day with the top down!

    I can't believe there is a Vega that still runs, much less is in one piece.

  3. Makes me sad to see Ramblers in the "joke" category! And a Tatra? I would think that would be more respected. Their engineering alone should be worthy of a serious Pebble Beach category someday regardless of condition... thanks for going and taking so many cool photos!

  4. I forgot: I was actually in a collision in a Pinto in 1977. I had gotten a ride home from college for Thanksgiving, and we were in a chain-reaction accident of about 7-8 cars on the turnpike. We were in the middle, so we were hit front and back at about 50 mph (it was very foggy so no one was going much faster). Not only did the little Pinto Runabout NOT blow up, no one in the car had ANY injuries. There was a lot of blood from passengers in the other cars, but all 4 of us in the PInto emerged unscathed. The little car was totaled though. I've always felt the PInto was undeserving of the bad press.

    and I love chartreuse Gremlins too. I love 'em in any color.

  5. HI Jeff,

    I am so pleased that you liked the Gremlin. His name is Sherman. I may ask you for some of the wonderful photos you took. That show was awesome great people great cars.

    Cheers and happy motoring,