Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chevy Centennial- Part 1: The Sixties

Chevrolet celebrated its Centennial with a special commemorative commercial on last night's World Series broadcast. It's a fun spot showing photographs from the past and present. I enjoyed it, partially because I have so many pictures of Chevrolets in my family's album. I'll be sharing some of them soon.

But I thought it would be fun to highlight Chevy's big 100 by showing some of my favorite Chevrolet commercials. Here in the first installment, we'll look at the swinging sixties. Chevy is at the top of its game, and the advertising clearly isn't limited to what is physically possible.

Sister Division Pontiac was showing renderings of its cars in exotic European locations, painted by renowned artists Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman. Chevy went for a little one-upsmanship, and a live action commercial involving driving a new 1963 Impala convertible through the canals of Venice. No Photoshop in those days, so I'm wondering how they did this one. Submerged pontoon? Nuclear Submarine? However they managed to do it, I'm sure it was a budget buster.

The following year they decided to show a little American scenery instead. The helicoptered a new 1964 convertible (sans engine, transmission, and anything else heavy they could jettison) up to the 2,000 foot summit of Castle Rock in Moab, Utah. The hood, trunk, bumpers and doors were sent up on a second trip. Then the model (who was literally tied to the seat) and a production assistant who was concealed in the trunk. The result, named "Pinnacle," was a breathtaking spot which indeed put Chevrolet at its pinnacle. Still a legendary ad.

And some fun from the set of Bewitched. These three ads, all from the 1965 season, are "roll-ins" typical of the ere. Chevrolet was a presenting sponsor, and so they were able to use the talent and sets from the program and create ads in which the actors remained in character. The third one, for the 1965 Impala, is my favorite,

Congratulations to USA1 on 100!

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