Friday, July 6, 2012

Photos of the Week: Fancy Lancer and Lonely Ford

Lots of fun photos this week, and lots of traffic- with 44,946 people reached and dozens of great new images, comments, and lively banter from you folks. In other words, exactly what I had hoped for. Usually the vintage images catch your eye, but this week's top photo was of a restored car- in this case a 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer coupe that I've nicknamed "Fancy Lancer."

Look at all of that polished stainless and chrome. Wow! It's a spectacular restoration of Dodge's top of the line hardtop for '59, and I don't blame you guys for liking it, or 42 people for sharing it further. It sure is a beauty.

Our second most popular photo of the week is a bit more somber- I call it "Lonely Ford" and it's a 1961 Ford Squad Car from the Andy Griffith television series, all outfitted with Mayberry markings and decals. It sits alone and empty, and I posted it as a tribute to the much loved and respected Andy Griffith to mark his passing. 139 of you have shared it so far as a remembrance to a man we will miss dearly. Rest in Peace, Sheriff.

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