Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Corvair!

 Happy Birthday to Chevy's little beauty- the air cooled Wonder of Willow Run, the iconic Corvair went on sale today, October 2, back in 1959. Over 1,700,000 Corvairs were sold in the ten year production span, earning the little car a special place in the hearts of millions of sixties families, mine included.

Today we're focusing on the 1960 Corvair, which was introduced in one body style- the four door patio roof sedan, and two trim levels, 500 and 700, on this day in 1959. The sporty two door would be introduced at the Chicago Auto Show and the upmarket Monza, with bucket seats and a sporty reputation would follow shortly thereafter and soon become the volume leader for Corvair. Convertibles and sporty turbocharged Spyders would follow, and the car would develop a cult following that endures to this day.

Happy Birthday, little Corvair, and may you continue to charm us for years to come.

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