Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lincoln Applies a Tourniquet

1956 Continental Mark II (Lincoln Motor Company)

You may recall that last week, I was the teensiest bit annoyed with the folks at Lincoln Motor Company. It seems like it was something about their new Lincoln Motor Co. Tumblr Page and their utter inability to caption a photograph correctly and the devastating message it sent to the dwindling number of folks to whom they are still relevant. Yes, it's coming back to me now.

I chose a snappy, upbeat headline, calling the piece "Every Day, Lincoln Plunges a Knife into My Heart." Dramatic, yes- but conventional social networking had failed and I was really starting to feel bad for them, You see, I was Lincoln when Lincoln wasn't cool. Well, technically, Lincoln still isn't actually cool but you get the idea.

The story got some decent volume behind it and then the nice folks over at Hemmings Motor News featured it on Saturday, so it got a whole rush of energy. I got notes and comments from lots of folks who shared my frustration, although I never heard a peep out of Lincoln directly.

I checked the site on a whim yesterday and  noticed that four of the five of the captions are now corrected (I had thoughtfully posted the correct captions in the original rant. You're welcome, Lincoln.) The 1948 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet, the 1953 Lincoln Capri, the 1956 Continental Mark II and the 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe are all right as rain and the ghost of Edsel Ford is smiling down upon Dearborn.

1933 Lincoln KA Convertible Roadster (Lincoln Motor Co)

All is not perfect, of course- the 1933 KA Convertible Roadster is still identified as the cheaper Roadster, and the 1929 Le Baron Aero Phaeton is missing its Aero, but four out of five were corrected and all in all I give them an A- for effort. We do want them to succeed after all, and this was certainly a welcome gesture. Kudos to Lincoln for a worthwhile effort.

Now bring us an updated 1961 Lincoln Continental.

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