Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Remnants of an Aztek Civilization

Shimmering in Sunburst Orange

 It wasn't long after I arrived back in Flint for my annual trek that I began to notice them- Azteks. Azteks everywhere. Yes, Pontiac Azteks, those hideous little "Sports Activity Vehicles" that the grossly misinformed seem to love to include on their woefully misbegotten "Worst Cars" lists. Because while they're pretty hideous stylistically, they're actually very good and reliable transportation, and apparently very affordably priced and thusly very much in demand in Flint because the horrible little blobs are everywhere. Surprisingly plentiful is the Sunburst Orange, seen above, which is one of six orange ones I have spotted in the last week.

If course the greatest concentration was at the local discount big box retailer, who will go nameless. There were so many in the vicinity I couldn't capture them all, including a white one that a couple was using for amorous intentions- Sports Activity indeed, right Pontiac? I missed the red one peeking out of the slightly scary apartment complex and the claret red one at the bank, but made a stop at the muffler shop for the Walter White Memorial Edition in Light Driftwood. They're plentiful on Craigslist as well, with most offerings showing mileage well over 100,000 and some near the 200,000 mark.

So without further pause, enjoy the Remnants of an Aztek Civilization.

Smurfing it on the Freeway

Is the monochromatic white almost too fashionable?

Aztek on Aztek action at the Big Box Retailer.

Locking horns outside the Big Box.

Smurfing It. 

The one that wasn't being used for Amore...
The Walter White Memorial Edition

In a Patriotic Setting

Sad cousin, a neglected Rendezvous


  1. You know, in their time, Azteks were given extremely high consumer satisfaction ratings by JD Power and the gang. I've always thought the reason was their owners were totally on the defensive and reflexively said they loved the car.

  2. They strikingly resemble the homely Prius.