Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lincoln Makes Huge Announcement, is Immediately Overshadowed by a Jim Carrey Spoof

Lincoln made the news twice last week, which is pretty darn good for them, except that they were only planning on it once. Their big news came from newly appointed Chief Executive Mark Fields, who announced a much needed multi-billion dollar product investment in Lincoln which will include a new platform (to be shared with Ford, natch) for front, all, and- drum roll- rear wheel drive products.

It's welcome news indeed that any follower of the brand will be excited about- we've been screaming "Go Big or Go Home" for several years now to Mulally's tone-deaf ears and lamented his showrooms full of rebadged Fords, and now it looks like Mr. Fields and Mr. Ford have decided to go big.

But timing is a funny thing, as a couple days later, Jim Carrey lampooned Lincoln's hideously annoying ad campaign with a not-to-be-missed SNL spoof. Carrey did a dead-on impersonation of Magic Mike Star (and inexplicably, Lincoln spokesperson) Matthew Mc Conaughey. Carrey's blank stares and biting dialogue- "But you don't buy a Lincoln because it makes sense- you do it because you love it- or you're an Uber driver" laid waste to the tepid and tedious ad campaign and made millions of tongues wag for Lincoln. Perhaps the fine folk at Ford should include Mr, Carrey as part of the revitalization. Catch it below:

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