Wednesday, August 4, 2010

motown 2010: gm heritage center

My flight was almost four hours late arriving into Detroit (thanks, United, for your very typical service) so I had to hit the deck running. Thursday morning we were up early for a full day of museums. The highlight of the day was the GM Heritage Collection, a nondescript building in an industrial park in a northern suburb.

But once inside, it's an automotive field of dreams. The Turbine powered Firebird I revolves on a turntable, surrounded by its two successors, Firebird II and III, and a cornucopia of Motorama alumni. Le Sabre, Le Mans, Cyclone. Legendary names all neatly lined up in a row.

The Buick Y-job of 1938 rests alongside the Velite of 2004. The 1962 Special deluxe, 1953 Skylark and 1963 Riviera were part of Buick's Auto Show Fleet. The 1983 Riviera Pace car convertible with Buick's first twin-turbo V6 that directly led to the Grand National.

A row of Pontiacs including the Trans Am Type K wagon show car. 2+2's and Firebirds. Corvette concept cars that graced the cover of many a Motor Trend magazine in my childhood. Sting Ray. Mako Shark. Aerovette. Chevys. Seemed liked thousands of them. A sensory overload. I kept having to remind myself to breathe.

Rather than having me ramble on and on, follow this link to a gallery of the GM Heritage Center.

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