Thursday, August 5, 2010

motown 2010: walter p chrysler museum

After stammering out of the GM Heritage Center in a daze, we managed to stagger back into the car and drive a few miles down the road to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. This one is a more prominent building arranged on three levels with an awesome rotating spire-o-mopars as a focal point. This one is more like a museum than a big toybox, with a fascinating section following the early engineering advances of Chrysler Corporation.

A delicious blend of special treats- ranging from one of the very first 1924 Chryslers ever produced, to a gorgeous 1934 Airflow, one of the seven 1941 Thunderbolt disappearing hardtop coupes, a sampler platter of wooden bodied Town and Countrys, an excellent representation of the finned Mopar, an exquisite Dodge la Femme (previously documented here) displayed complete with all accessories- and my all time favorite, the elegant Engle-bird 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car. Again, I will let the photos speak and the link to the photos is here. (I must apologize that my flickr account won't let me update at the moment, so I can't caption. Technical support to come! Enjoy

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