Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chevy Centennial: "My Dad's Car"- Part II

A familiar 1965 Impala Super Sport

Fresh from the "My Dad's Car" Commercial
Herb Younger and his baby, the 1965 Impala SS

The Chevy, Herb and I

In my last post, we discussed the phenomenal Chevy commercial "My Dad's Car", about the sons that tracked down their Dad's much loved 1965 Impala Super Sport and bought it back for him almost three decades later. I haven't met anyone that didn't tear up watching that spot.

Last week was the Press Preview for the Los Angeles Auto Show. I was there with my sidekick Rockit and as we walked over to Chevrolet, I remarked to her that if Chevrolet were smart, they'd have that Crocus Yellow Super Sport on a platform and would be running that commercial behind it all week.

Well, they didn't, but during their press conference, they showed the "My Dad's Car" commercial, and we all teared up a bit. Then the curtain opened and the Chevy drove onto the stage to applause. Herb Younger and his sons were inside, smiling widely. The boys didn't realize that the commercial was making them all into rock stars.

Afterward, I went up and talked to Herb and Derek. Nice guys, super nice actually and just as cool as they seem in the commercial. Herb had a bit of back story, he was still in college when he bought the Super Sport, his first new car. Derek recalled how his Mom used to drive the boys to school in the four-speed Super Sport. Herb told me how he was asking $3000 for the car in 1985 and someone came along and offered an envelope with $2700 in it. He needed the money for his family and took it.

I think I dig this story so much because it's the opposite of O'Henry- the Father does the right thing and sells his toy to raise money for his family. His boys grow up and see an opportunity to say thank you to their Father. The car waited patiently to come home to all of them. Isn't that what families are all about?

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  1. I watched that commercial on YouTube, and I also got emotional with the reunion of Herb and his Chevy. It's like a heart-warming reunion between a father and his sons after years of separation. I hope more car reunion videos would be made.