Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chevy Centennial- "My Dad's Car"

Chevrolet released a new ad in their Centennial piece this week. Called "My Dad's Car', it tells the story of a man named Herb Younger who bought a new 1965 Impala Super Sport coupe and kept it twenty years. His sons Jared and Derek grew up in the back seat and all have fond memories of it.

Herb was forced to sell it to pay for his son's education during hard times in the eighties. So thirty year later, his sons began to search for it and literally chased it across North America for five years before locating it on line at a dealer in Montreal. They bought it online, shipped it home to California, and gave it back to their amazed and delighted father. Watch Herb take the wheel of the very same car he bought new forty-six years ago- he drives it like they've never been apart.

This five minute version adds depth to the backstory and allows the brothers to describe their quest to find their father's car and return it to him. "It's not just the car- it's all of the memories and the feelings- it brings it all back."

Chevrolet does a compelling job of weaving themselves into the tapestry of family heritage. I think this clip says everything about why I love classic cars. Well done, Jared and Derek. Well done, Chevrolet.

Now pass the Kleenex.


  1. Great work, Jeff. Thank you!
    XOXO Sandy

  2. I agree, this ad says it all about why I love cars. My dad died in '86 but the 5-minute long version got me thinking of which car I might possibly have found from my Dad's past if life had gone differently.