Friday, April 20, 2012

Blaine and the 442 Apollo Show Car

Another week, another crazy show car from the GM Dustbin of History. Again an Olds 442, and once more a Blaine Jenkins creation. Last week he convinced us that "Olds Is Young" with the Mod Rod, a salute to octane boosted flower power. Now from the 1969 Auto Show season, we have the Apollo.

Apollo is done in a color scheme of metallic Fireball Red with black accent striping. Inside, it features a matching interior of red patent leather with black suede accents. Instead of seats it features Space age "Comfort lounges" inspired by the Apollo Moon Rocket, with separate floating headrests.

Once more a static display only, the Comfort Lounges were actually wooden mockups and by all reports ridiculously uncomfortable. And again static - they d not fold, recline, or adjust. But they looked great and the car put the "Rocket" back in Oldsmobile. Apollo is not believed to have survived.

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