Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos of the Week: Fincher American and Coral Colony

Wow, it's been a HUGE week over on the Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page, in fact our best week yet with a whopping 89,418 people reached. We had a lot of fun discussion about our images and this week's top image is above. It's a promotional photo of Fincher American in Miami, Florida and was taken in 1973.

It's obviously very carefully composed, with one of each model carefully chosen so that even the colors are unique, They managed to find the Gremlin in its unique Wild Plum and even all of the salespeople are wearing their blue blazers and red, white and blue ties. All in all a great period photo and you guys responded by choosing it as photo of the week. Hot dogs for everyone at Fincher American!

Second place goes to "Coral Colony", a 1957 Mercury Colony Park in a wonderful two tone of Coral and White with hardtop styling and two toned woodgrain. It's ab early model with rare sigle headlamps and the color is called "Desert Tan." We had some interesting discussions about what deserts have coral pink sand.

Colony Parks are among our favorite cars and we love the '57 Mercury inside and out, so it was a perfect photo for us. Remember to visit our Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page for new images and smart conversation daily. See you next week!

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