Monday, September 3, 2012

PHOTO of the WEEK: Strike a Pose

It's been a busy week on the Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page. Over the weekend we debuted a new theme called "Strike a Pose" in which we assembled original period photography of people posing with their automobiles. Lots of great photos, ranging from a VW Van to twin sisters with a 300SL Mercedes, but by far and away the most popular photo was "Lady and the Buick," a smiling young woman who is so enchanted with her 1959 Buick that she dressed to match it. 

Coming up in second place is another photo from our "Strike a Pose" Series that we call "Free Parking." For this picture a lovely couple who have no idea how to park their gleaming new 1967 Chrysler New Yorker hardtop pose beside it, which is proudly seen taking up four parking spaces at the Alpha- Beta. Note that this time the lady did not dress to match, choosing instead to explore the spectrum of lime, lemon and chartreuse.

Be sure and drop in at the Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page and strike your own pose, or just savor our daily array of new images and smart conversation. See you next week!

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