Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is the EDSEL

A big Milestone this week on the Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page as we celebrated the 55th Anniversary of the launch of the Edsel. It was Sept. 4, 1957 when the Edsel made its much heralded debut, and never before had so many done so much with so tepid a result, But we love the Edsel madly, and put together a salute we called Les 24 Heures du Edsel- although it was actually 30 Heures long and the French was deliberately mistranslated. But it sounded like Les 24 Heures du Mans to us, except it wasn't- it was our marathon tribute to Edsel that was a lot of fun. 

It wasn't our attempt to analyze what happened, I pretty well covered that when I pronounced the poor car as Ford's Murder Victim. But it was a day to celebrate the hype and hysteria that surrounded the newest and briefest addition to the Ford Family of Fine Cars.  

Here are some of the images, in pretty much randomized order so that they can speak for themselves. But don't miss the Edsel Show restored video at the bottom and don't forget to check into the Palm Springs Automobilist Facebook Page for daily updates of images and fun. See you there! 

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