Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Canned Hams and Classic Campers

The Palm Springs Trailer Show is in its third year and is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Modernism Week events. What started as a handful of trailers has grown in both number and quality into a very impressive study of the evolution of the recreational vehicle. The quality of the coaches, in both restored classic and interpreted, is simply amazing. The aluminum exteriors were so mirror polished that it was literally difficult to photograph them. And the addition of tow vehicles, both real and depiction, had added immensely to the event.

There was quite a range of vehicles depicted, from the cute little "Canned Hams," nicknamed for their shape, to the larger Airstreams and Spartans, to the Truck Campers and even a camper conversion on a 1951 Cadillac Superior Hearse. In addition, vintage Motor Homes have joined the show this year and proved to be mesmerizing examples of our roadside history

There were so many wonderful campers of such diverse styles that I couldn't choose a favorite. The lime green Corvair powered Travalon (later reorganzied as the Ultra Van) was a real crowd pleaser, and the 1966 Ford Condor featured a completely original and intact interior, right down to the plaid herculon, tooled vinyl trim, and aqua appliances to accent the exterior.

An all original 1953 Boles Aero trailer had been garaged for over 35 years and offered a time capsule look into vacation travel sixty years ago, And the Best In Show winner was truly remarkable- a space age 1962 Holiday House- made by the Harry and David Fruit Company- was so original even the linoleum floors were intact. It was completely authentic and glowed like it had been dripped in chrome.

So put on your sunglasses and enjoy some very shiny Canned Hams and Classic Campers:

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