Friday, February 1, 2013

Lincoln is Trying to Kill Me

Lincoln is at it again. First they rip my heart out and stomp on it with their utter inability to correctly identify their own models, I screamed at the top of my lungs and once a couple of major blogs picked up the story, low and behold, they managed to find a bright fourteen year old to rectify the most glaring errors.

So I start to think, maybe they're getting better. WRONG. And then I saw THIS. This- the most ghastly automobile commercial in the history of mankind. This- which makes Infiniti's "rocks and trees" look like "The Dodge Rebellion." THIS, which makes me pine for the halcyon days of "We're Not Your Father's Oldsmobile." Just tie me to the railroad tracks already.

Grab your airsickness bag, here's is Lincoln's utterly pitiful Super Bowl Ad. I dare you to get past the first alpaca:

Memo to Ford: Just go ahead and shut it down. We'd rather remember the greatness that it was than live through the festering ooze that you have allowed it to become.


  1. Not only that, hitchhiker starts with a 1950s Leica iiig, but in the car has a modern Leica M9. They can't even do continuity right!

  2. Totally agree, how can they get it so wrong? Makes Cadillac look brilliant. In fact if Lincoln had just copied Cadillac's on again off again come back they would be better off.

    I have owned my fair share of Marks and love them. It irks me that Lincoln always ignores its most profitable heritage, the Mark III, Mark IV and Mark V, which made them billions.