Friday, February 8, 2013

Chicago Style- That 70s Auto Show

1971 Chevrolet Display
 The Chicago Auto Show Press Days concluded this week, with the show opening to the public tomorrow. The very thought of it made me shudder- remembering the brutal winter cold and sudden snowstorms that I encountered working it back in the 80s and 90s. There was always a freak winter blizzard somewhere during the show's run. Not quite the thing of which nostalgia is made.

But all hope is not lost- the CATA, which runs the show, maintains an excellent website with a marvelous historical photo file that goes back decades, so not only can you browse the show from the comforts of home, you can also select a time when new cars were actually interesting and when you could tell them apart.

I've chosen the decade of the seventies, because the cars were wild and colorful and the photos are in color. Each of the photos merits study- they're chock full of special cars and rare models. And the colors are amazing. So grab your platform shoes, but the Bee Gees in the 8-Track and turn on the disco ball- we're going to that 70s Auto Show, and we're doing it Chicago Style:

Pontiac for 1972

1973 Ford Display

Cadillac for 1974

GMC Motor Homes for 1974

AMC for 1975 including the new Pacer

1975 Buick Indy Pace Car

Lincoln display for 1975

Buick for 1976 including another Indy Pace Car

Porsche/ Audi for 1977

Chevrolet for 1977

1977 Plymouth Arrow display

1977 Ford Cruising Van and Pinto Crusing Wagon

The downsized 1977 Thunderbird

AMC's Grand Pacer of 1978

AMC Gremlins of 1978

Cadillac for 1979

The all new 1979 Riviera S-Type

Chevrolet for 1979, with Chevette on the turntable

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  1. A Pacer with a padded landau roof! I'm dyin' here. Absolutely dyin'.